Concrete Paint Catastrophe: A painter, a baker, an aerobics instructor…

There is a very good reason why people aren’t hired to come and paint your house in the middle of the night.  Other than the fact that your sleep would be disturbed.  And, most painters aren’t insomniacs.  It’s because they’re smart.  They have done this enough times to know the consequences of beginning a paint project after 10 P.M.: supply stores are closed.

In my efforts to be a good mother (yes, that’s what I’m telling myself), I often start projects after our son has gone to bed (8 P.M.ish).  It at least makes me feel better psychologically, because then I’m not taking time away from him (instead, I’m tired and crabby).

Finally, I get to put paint on the floor (again)!  I must admit to being EXTREMELY gun shy this time around after the fiasco created last time.  A glass of wine later (joking!), I am happily rolling Valspar Oil Based Porch and Floor Paint onto concrete… in my swimming suit.  I really do have a valid explanation.  It was hot.  And, my intention was to put my cover up on – but I had left it out by the pool.  Getting side tracked by the project, I never made it to wearing the cover up.  By the time I realized this, I already had some paint on me, so… I’m thinking: too little, too late.  I am hoping our neighbors aren’t facebook fanatics.  At one point in time I had to get up on the counter and re-tape a towel to the window.  We placed an air conditioner in a window to keep both the temperature and humidity down.  Funny to think when this project began it was March.  We had heaters in there to warm the floor up to the right temperature.  The spring season was skipped here, and now we are utilizing an air conditioner to keep the temperature within the right range.  Gotta love the midwest!

Back to the point.  Paint getting applied to the floor late at night.  Things were going well…until I had about three square feet left.  Apparently I use more pressure than is necessary on the roller, and one of the little plastic tips holding the roller in place broke!  Tried a screw, screw driver, stick  – no luck.  None of them sufficed to keep the roller together long enough to finish what minimal amount of floor was left.

I’m sorry, but I have worked too hard, encountered too many problems, and am too intent on this working – I will not let a little piece of plastic stand in my way of completing this floor the way I want.  (I was afraid there would be a visible difference between the finished and unfinished parts through the second coat.)  I became resourceful.  I used my arms to operate the roller – like a baker, or an ab roller (baking and instructing at a gym are things I do when not working on projects!).

But, I got it done.  With the same finish as the rest of the floor.  I gave it everything I had.  That’s all I can do.

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