Mission: find pretty painted floors.

This was actually much easier than I expected.  There was however, an unexpected new challenge: deciding which inspiration to follow.  Below are just a few of the painted floor inspirations I found:


But, these were what captured my heart:


I just love, love, love them!  The floor with the circle border around it – I cannot tell you the number of hours I spent on the computer trying to find that stencil.  I never did find it (that is until after my floor design evolved, but then it was a moot point).

My search for inspiration concluded with me intending to paint a faux octagonal rug in the center of the pool house.  The border of the rug was to be an interlocking circle similar to the one shown above, with the center a feminine lattice like pattern.  The bathroom in the pool house would be the same, except the border would outline the entire room, with the lattice pattern filling the inside.

During this whole process, I went ahead and purchased two black bamboo hexagon shaped rugs off overstock.  The larger one for the main area, and the smaller for the bathroom.  They were super cheap, and would add yet another texture to the floor.  I also purchased a compass stencil to paint on the larger one for some added interest.


Small problem: I never got the stencil.  I ordered.  I paid.  I tried contacting the company on several different occasions, using various methods (phone, e-mail, mail…) but to no avail.  Well, what d’ya know about that?  Hmmm…  With my family always having been in the marine business, I had always wanted a large compass rose somewhere.  I thought I had found that place.  Apparently not.  Oh well.  I’ve found my inspiration, which has fueled my creativity!

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