Painting a Concrete Floor

This is one of the largest projects I have ever undertaken.  If you want to complete the project as is, each step of the process is listed and linked to it’s post (if a number is not linked, it’s either not fully completed or hasn’t been written up yet).  If you do not want to do this project, I have it broken down step by step so you can go directly to the part you’re interested in.

You may want to check out these tips and tricks before you start.

  1. Reasons we chose to paint the floor.
  2. Find inspiration for floor design.
  3. Research products and techniques.
  4. Clean and prep floor surface.
  5. Apply Paint.
  6. Removing paint from a concrete floor that did not adhere.
  7. Cleaning a floor after paint removal.
  8. Learning from mistakes.
  9. Second chance implementation.
  10. Adding a border to the floor.
  11. It’s just paint (changing pigment appearance after paints been applied.
  12. Addition of detailed diamond pattern.
  13. Floorspiration evolution.
  14. Creating a compass rose.
  15. Painting a compass rose with efficiency.
  16. Further evolution of floor design.
  17. Top coat debates and debacles.

I hope I have been able to provide some new information for you.  If you have any information pertaining to ‘the art of painting concrete’, please let me know.  I’m always game for more knowledge – even if it is a past project, it’s nice to know more about it.

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