My name is Carrie Siems, and the current chapter in my life began in 2002 when I met my husband to be.  Since then, Jeff and I wed, built a home, had a child, cut our income in half, and moved from our first home to our second home in June of 2009.  We have always been interested in looking at other homes, and agreed that if the right opportunity came along, we would peruse it.  The home we currently live in began as a joke.  Seriously.  It’s a nice home, in a nice neighborhood.  The interior was nicely decorated… when it was built… in the 70’s.  It sat on the market for over a year before we adopted it as ours.  I believe it was such a hard sell because the inside needed much updating, and the ‘Master Bath’ was unconventional to say the least.  After we toured the home, it just sort of stuck with us.  Even though we knew it was going to be a money pit, and take a lot of work, it had already made its way into our hearts.  I think it sucked us in by challenging us to find a solution for the master bath.

We hired a contractor to update a large chunk of the visual un-pleasantries, and implement our vision for the master bath.  What was estimated to take 2 months, quickly turned into 6.  As rooms were done with construction, we moved our belongings in.  We literally moved into our house one room at a time.  We lived in the basement for four months, guest room for two.  The week of Christmas we finally moved into our master bedroom.

During this time, Jeff had been electrically shocked, our washing machine flooded our kitchen and basement, delivery men placed a hole in our dinning room ceiling, our new vanity was damaged upon arrival, fiberglass was scratched on our Jetta tub via delivery, random electrical fire of an outlet in the pool house, sewage backup in our basement, clogged pipes, a waterfall through our basement window every time it rains, wasp invasion, burst pipes, and a fire caused by our ice machine.  I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all that stands out at the moment.

The money we had set aside for renovations was quickly depleted (as we suspected it would be).  We still have lots on our list of “To Do’s”, and minimal finances to support it.  But, with that said, I think I am in my favorite part of this whole process yet.  It’s easy to go out and purchase things to complete a home.  It’s a challenge to be creative with constraints.  It’s addictive.  Each time you accomplish something, you realize what you are capable of doing.  It’s amazing what you can do with determination and outside the box thinking.  I wouldn’t change this experience for anything.  It has changed who we are.  A lot like a child, this house has provided us with much frustration and laughter.  Entertainment to say the least.

We have come to rely on craft and wit to get what we want at a price we can afford.  In this blog, you can expect to find how-to tutorials, diy lessons learned the hard way, affordable ways to get what you want, and tips that should save you money and time along the way.  I do not believe that projects are restricted to the home only, I believe they can enrich your life in endless ways.  Other projects addressed through this blog will include all areas of the home, heart, and domestication.  I am a firm believer in thoroughly researching things before I implement them.  I usually find bits and pieces of information from several different sources.  Here, you will find what you need to know all in one place.  I look forward to our journey’s together as we turn our houses into homes.


Carrie Siems

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