Thoughts That Do Count!

How many times have you heard “it’s the thought that counts.”  Nobody means it – especially when it comes to gifts.  For those of you who strongly oppose this, try it.  I dare you.  Seriously.  The next obligatory gift occasion tell that to either your wife or mother.  There is a 50/50 chance your mother will ‘fake it.’  Your wife will not.  Even if her words differ from her behavior. 

I stumbled across this idea nearly 10 years ago.  To this day it remains one of my most favorite gifts to give.  Cheap and easy.  Oh yeah, sentimental and touching too. 

Here are some of the reasons this gift seems near perfect (at least in my book anyways):

  • Fits everyone’s budget!
  • Impossible to re-gift.
  • You’ll never see it in the recipients garage sale.
  • It’s a gift that really does keep on giving.
  • Perfect for people who ‘have everything.’
  • The one (tangible) gift that knows no recipient boundaries. 

Oh yeah, what is this wonder gift?  Good question, as I don’t actually know a name for it.  So, without further delay here is what I consider to be the most perfect gift which has no name. 

The recipient of the gift I’m using as an example was my mother.  It was for her…uh, 30th? birthday (she’ll probably read this at some point). 😉  Here are the specifics:

1. Determine a time frame.  Most likely you’ll want to use the ‘quantity’ of (positive) thoughts pertaining to the recipient, your writing skills, and your ability to disclose to assist with this.  I chose a year for my mom.

2. Determine a frequency.  Same factors listed above should help to determine this.  Frequency used for my mother was once a week. 

    • Here are some possible combinations for your time frame and frequency for this gift:
    • One year with a frequency of once per week.  (52 ‘scrolls’)
    • One year with a frequency of once per month.  (12 ‘scrolls’)
    • Half a year, once per week.  (25 ‘scrolls’)
    • One month, one per day.  (30ish ‘scrolls’)
    • One week, once per day. (7 ‘scrolls’)
    • One week, twice per day – one when recipient wakes, one before bed.  (14 ‘scrolls’)
    • A weekend, three times per day – one with each meal.  Perfect for weekend getaway, or birthday ‘weekend.’  (6 ‘scrolls’)
    • A weekend, one per waking hour.  Great for when a loved one goes out of town.  (24 +/- ‘scrolls’)
    • A day, one per hour.  Good for birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, etc.  (16 ‘scrolls’ based on receiving 8 hours of sleep)

3. Once you’ve chosen an amount of time and frequency, calculate the number of scrolls you’ll need to write. 

4. To write the scrolls, you have a choice.  You can choose a theme to follow, or keep it open.  Possible themes to ponder are:

    • Reasons you
      • love
      • admire
      • appreciate
      • enjoy
    • Things you
      • learned
      • shared
      • have done
      • tried
      • remember
      • been
      • inherited

5. Verbage can be solely about recipient, or include memories including the two of you.  Pretty much whatever goes, as long as each scroll contains words that will evoke their heart to warm and their mouth to smile. 

6. Depending on the quality of your penmanship you hand write or type each scroll.

7. Cut paper into strips large enough to contain what’s written. 

8. Roll each strip of paper up as tightly as you’re able, and secure with ribbon.

9. Place your ‘thoughts’ into some sort of container.  To keep the cost down you can:

      • use something you already have.
      • upcycle a garage sale find.
      • re-gift an item (provided it wasn’t received by the same person). 😉
      • find all kinds of amazingly creative ideas through these links.

Or, you can purchase something to suit their taste.  I used two containers.  One for read scrolls to be placed into, and one containing unread scrolls.  I also placed some glass beads on the bottom to add some color. 

The wonderful thing about this gift is not only is it heart felt, but after the last scroll is read the recipient can start all over again if they choose.  If you enjoy this gift and would like to give it again  to the same person, plan ahead.  Save a file on your computer that contains all ‘thoughts’ used.  That way you can make sure you provide all new material for them next time.  Not to mention this provides an opportunity for things to be said that perhaps wouldn’t be.  How often do we really tell the people we love all the positive things we covet about them? 

I hope you enjoy creating and giving this gift as much as I do.


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