Living Room

 Welcome to our living room! 

 We’ve been here just over 2 years, updating things each and every day of that – but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  The living room received just a simple lipstick update.  Although, the day we moved in my intentions were vastly different.  I cannot say oak had a place in my heart, nor did the brick on the fireplace.  The brief viewings we had with the real estate agent left me considering paint as a solution to both my dislikes, as well as lighten up the room. 

 Obviously, that didn’t happen – thank goodness!  The oak and brick have truly grown on me and are now viewed as a contributing factor to the homes charm.  Although we desperately wanted to bring the home out of the 70’s decade it was built in, we still wanted to remain true to the architectural style of the home. 

 Even though grass cloth has been around so long it’s back in again, it will never be ‘in’ when it’s peeling away from the wall at every exposed corner. 

 Now that wall is a whole lotta wood!  I’m not sure how many oak trees were sacrificed in the making of this home, but I’m pretty sure they tried to replace each sacrifice by planting a replacement in our yard.  And though we covet the stateliness presented by their presence in the front, leaves from the 7 oak trees in the fall is the price we pay.  A fresh coat of paint on the walls relieved the tired wallpaper, paint was applied to the ceiling to soften the transition on the eye between the wood beams and ceiling color.  Pass through window was sealed off with dry wall, eliminating an icon of that decade.

If we were truly able to have you over, music would be playing on the overhead speakers located in the entry, kitchen, and living room.  One update that remains fairly well hidden – as intended. 

The bookcases presented another design challenge.  Not only is the near over abundance of oak hard in appearance, but it also appears to darken the room.  My first instincts explored the option of filling them with antique books in various shades of cream.  Yet another example of why it’s always best to live in a space for a while before decorating it.  I think it allows the personality of the home to speak to you.  The right answer will come when you least expect it. 

Now, they are adorned with memorabilia from trips, gifts from loved ones, and other items held dear to our heart. 

Following true to my whole-hearted belief that the decor of your home should surround you with the things you love – whether in the form of things with sentimental attachment, important people in your life, or simply the beauty of something that evokes a sense of happiness within you.  If it does not serve a purpose, or evoke peace and happiness, it shouldn’t be purchased. 

The table behind the sofa serves a dual purpose.  First, it breaks up the monochromatic beige with a rich wood tone that anchors the eye.  Second it provides interest for people to take in during their first glance of the area.  This table was my parents which they kindly gave to us when we moved into this house.  It displays pictures of people in our lives that are near and dear to us.  All the photos displayed throughout our home are black and white.  This way each grouping of photographs maintains a feeling of continuity through the pictures, and allows the details of the frames surrounding them to be acknowledged.  Bright vivid colors in a grouping of pictures creates a sense of business to me, which is another reason I prefer to display black and white photographs. 

In case you haven’t noticed, I appear to be a bit of a ‘color-phobe.’  I love various shades of cream for a couple of reasons.  One, for me it’s a classic and timeless color.  I never tire of it, and don’t believe I ever will.  It has the same fresh and clean feeling of pure whites, while maintaining the ability to exude warmth.  Also, it also allows the ability to play with color through accessories.  During holidays and celebrations, a pop of color very easily brings an item to center focus.  Beautiful flower arrangements can easily show off with such a neutral background.  The use of different textures, materials, and sheens provide visual interest in addition to creating a welcoming space for guests.  I wanted to create a room that was simultaneously formal and inviting, and this is my take on it.   

When friends and family come to visit, if they’re not in the kitchen, they’re gathered around the fireplace.  We’ve already been blessed with several heart warming memories in this room, and look forward to many more to come.  Thanks for stopping by! 


Come with me!  Go here to see oodles more transformations.  Or click the button below, and have the chance to tour scads of living rooms.  I can’t wait to find more project to do!

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