An{other} Outdoor Versatile Halloween Arrangement

Here is another versatile Halloween arrangement.  Little effort is needed to transform this outdoor arrangement into fall or Thanksgiving themed.  Easy and quick – if you already have all the materials, it should take less than 20 minutes to complete (including clean up!).

Materials Needed:

    • Planter
    • Hosta
    • Sweet potato vine
    • Hedge apples
    • Tombstone
*Hostas and sweet potato vines aren’t mandatory – I’m using them since they were already in my planters from my summer arrangement.  If a different plant variety is still let in your planter, use it! :)

Here’s the How To:

1. If you are starting with an empty planter, plant hosta and sweet potato vine.  Hosta should be planted  a third back from front of planter.  The sweet potato vine should be planted right up to the front edge of the planter.

2. Insert steak of tombstone in planter near center – working around plants left over from summer.

3. Carefully place hedge apples around the base of the tombstone, being careful not to damage any of the plants.

4. Begin to stack the hedge apples up into a neat and tidy pile around the tombstone.  Allow the foliage of the plants to peak through spaces created in the hedge apples.

5. Halloween arrangement is complete!


So easy, why not make 2?

6. Remove tombstone from planter, and you now have an arrangement that is appropriate for both fall and Thanksgiving!

Like this?  Find another versatile Halloween arrangement here, or hedge apple ideas here.

Happy haunting…or giving Thanks,


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