DIY Halloween Curiosities: Pug Eyes

 For those of you who have pugs, you will find my humor in this.  Pugs are odd little critters – Halloween curiosities in and of themselves.  Sassy, spunky, quirky things.  And, above all known for their defining look – like it or hate it.  When I brought these acorns home, all I could see was Maleah’s eyes looking at me.  So, I decided to play that up.

Materials Needed:

    • Acorn bottoms
    • Black acrylic paint (I used Folk Art 661 Metallic Sequin Black
    • White nail polish (I used N.Y.C. Sheer French Manicure Nail Enamel)
    • Clear nail polish
    • Jar
    • Label
    • Printer friendly paper with adhesive back (I used UPS shipping label {free!})
    • Printer
    • Scissors

How To:

 1. Roast acorns if collected from outside.  This isn’t absolutely necessary, but there are critters that can live in them – baking them will ensure these pests don’t find their way into your home.  350 degrees for 10 minutes should be sufficient – but beware, squirrels outside may come knocking on your door. 😉

2. Paint  the naturally occurring circle on the acorns black and allow to dry.

3. Apply thin coat of white to the opposite side.  You only want to paint about one-third of the acorn.

4. Apply coat of clear, covering all of acorn except where white has been applied.

5. While waiting download label {above}, save, print, and send thanks to the Graphic Fairy for the image used {frame}. :)

6. Place eyes in jar, add label, and you are done!

And, there you go.  Pug eyes.

 Just for comparison, here is a real pug eye.

 And then a pair – both a tad cross-eyed.

And, here’s the final product: 

Come back tomorrow for the next in the Halloween Curiosities Series for a snake skeleton….. {enter spooky moans and groans here}


I’m taking my eyes and haunting the following parties:

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