DIY Halloween Curiosities: Skeletal Snake

Now that you’ve made some pug eyes, what to do with the tops?  Answer: snake skeleton.  Providing you with another addition to your Halloween curiosities.


Materials Needed:

  • Acorn Tops
  •  Drill with {very} small bit
  •  White paint
  • Paint brush
  • Spray paint
  • Wire
  • Jar
  • Label
  • Printer
  • Printer friendly paper with adhesive back (I used UPS shipping label {free!})
  • Scissors


How To:

 1. Drill a hole through each cap. 

 2. Paint caps white – 1-2 coats depending on  your preference.  

 3. Sort out acorns from smallest to largest.  You do not have to be meticulous about this.  If there are some that are obviously smaller or larger make sure they end op on the appropriate ends.

 4. Beginning with the smallest lid, thread point side down onto wire. 

 5. If there are any acorns with particularly large points {stems}, use needle nose pliers to snap the point off.

6. Once all caps have been strung, very lightly spray paint.  I used a metallic champagne color to show ‘aging’ in the ‘bones.’

7. Allow to dry.

8. While waiting download label {above}, save, print, and send thanks to the Graphic Fairy for the images used {snake and frame}. :)

9. Place spine in jar – bending wire so spine slightly spirals.

10. Place end of wire over mouth of jar to secure spine in place.

11. Screw lid on over wire, and cut excess off.

12. Adhere label to jar and you are done!

I hope this finds its way into your home as a curiosity that will last from year to year.


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