Painted Acorns: Adapt to Attach

If you are following along with my 8 tutorial posts, this is step 4.  {Miss the first 3?  Here they are: Step 1, Step 2, and step 3.}  Now the project should become more fun, since we can move more quickly not having to wait for paint to dry!  Here are the simple steps to adapt your acorns so they are able to attach easily into your home decor.


  • Pliable wire traditionally used to create jewelry – dark brown color if available.
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers


  1. Cut wire to desired length.  This will be determined by what you want to attach the acorn to.  I cut each of my wires about 4 inches in length.
  2. Place stem of nut on center of wire.
  3. Wrap wire around stem twice.
  4. Twist {very} tightly to keep wire secured in place.  You may want to use pliers clamped very near the base of the wire to the stem of the acorn to help do this.  This should not be loose at all!

Could you drill a hole to do this?  Umm… sorta.  You could, and it would work.  Because of where the hole has to be drilled into the acorn, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing way to attach the acorn since it leaves more exposed wire.  By twisting it very tightly around the stem the wire is not noticeable in an arrangement unless you are specifically looking for it.

You’re done.  Ready to attach your nutty embellishment to the seasonal home decor of you choosing.

See how quick and painless that was?



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