Painted Lotus Pods: Adapt to Attach

Step 4 in creating your beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescape if you are following along my 8 step program. 😉  {Find step 1, step 2, and step 3 here}.


  • Pliable wire traditionally used to create jewelry, dark brown if available.
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Electric drill with {very} small bit


  1. With assistance of vice holding painted lotus pods, use electric drill to create a small hole at the base of each stem.
  2. Cut wire into pieces.  determine length of wire by type of project you are wanting to do.  I cut mine in approximate 4 inch increments.  I am not attaching them to anything with much circumference to it so 4 inches is sufficient.
  3. Thread wire through holes in pods.
  4. Twist wire twice – tightly – to keep it in place until ready to use.

And… you’re done.  Again, easy and painless.


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