Thanksgiving Tablescape

When you come to our home for a holiday dinner, you never know who’s gonna be there.  Quite frankly, if I was able to invite everyone reading this to dinner, I would.  I suppose this is for a few reasons.  I feel very blessed with everything in my life, and embrace the ability to share that with family and friends.  If you live in the area, have no plans for Thanksgiving, or aren’t traveling to gather with extended family members – beware.  If you cross my path, you will receive an invitation into our home.  And, the other reason being I live by the philosophy the more the merrier.  If my house is clean, and food is cooked – heck, I want everyone that’s able to come over.  It doesn’t happen often, so I need all the witnesses I can get. :) Without further a due, welcome {virtually} into our home for Thanksgiving.

Ahhhh!  My dinning room is naky!  So, all evidence of Halloween was removed and this is what’s left.  Little background on the table: it was passed down to us from my parents {so glad mom has great taste!}.  But, there’s a funny part to it.  I went with my father to pick up their new dinning room set.  On the drive home, a box containing one of the chairs somehow fell out of the truck.  Uh… oops.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  Dad and I never breathed a word of this after the incident until 2 years later.  Every family dinner held at their table dad and I would exchange silent, but knowing smirks. 😉

Now it’s ready for guests.  I have to admit, this is the most informal table setting I have ever implemented for a holiday gathering.  Typically I would use a tablecloth, but I wanted to let the beauty of the wood be seen for a change.


Notice the buffet?  No, it wasn’t there in the first pic.  Another piece of useless information about Thanksgiving in our home is that Thanksgiving is quarantined to the dinning room.  The rest of the home is adorned with Christmas decor.  The buffet typically resides in another room, but moves to make room for a tree.  {Someday, I plan to have a buffet in this room.  Here is the one I have been coveting for the past 2 years.  But, considering the cost I plan to create one similar to it.}

The hydrangeas are near family to me, as they are my ‘babies’ outside.  If you like, you can recreate the flower arrangement with this tutorial.

I just finished the garland and napkins this week.

 These charges are my ‘indoor’ babies.  The pattern is gold lace, but depending on the angle you look at them they can either appear gold or silver.  I’ve been collecting them ever since we were married in 2004.  I love the detailed pattern, and every time they come out for a holiday they make me smile.

 The silver rimmed china was my parents.  They received it when they were married, and passed it down to Jeff and I when we wed.

 And the silverware was my grandmothers.  Even though she’s no longer with us, she’s present at every holiday.

 Thanks for joining me for this Thanksgiving tablescape tour and trip down memory lane,


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