DIY Fall Garland

 Materials Needed:



  1.  With fabric laid out length wire, fold both sides in to center. 
  2. Fold sides in again, bringing folded edges to center.   This is simply so the edges of the fabric aren’t seen. 
  3. Pinch fabric together at the center.  Attach first lotus pod with wire.  Twist wire a few times to secure.
  4. Attach next pod at end of fabric.  To do this, attach pod to fabric as before.  Then, fold fabric back onto itself so unfinished edges aren’t seen, and secure with pod wire. 
  5. Repeat step 4 at other end of fabric.
  6. Continue to attach lotus pods, evenly spaced, onto the fabric until all pods have been used. 
  7. Next, begin to attach the acorns. Filling space in solid as you work your way from one side of the fabric to the other.  Again, twisting wire a few times after each addition to secure. 
  8. Once garland is solid with pods and acorns, the ribbon can be attached.  Beginning in the middle, secure ribbon with wire to garland. 
  9. Secure ribbon to garland about every 4 inched, allowing excess ribbon to ‘loop’ up between each point it’s secured.
  10. To secure ribbon to ends, fold ribbon under itself to attach so unfinished edge{s} is not visible. 





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