Twas the Night of Black Friday

Twas the Night of Black Friday

Twas the night of Thanksgiving, and all through the house

Everyone was sleeping, even my spouse?

It’s the eve of Black Friday… they wouldn’t dare!

All the savings from sales…do they not care?


The plan, and it’s details are not in my head,

But with pictures, and coupons, and clipboards instead.

I in my parka, my mom in the car.

Ready to stand in line way back far.


You would think at midnight that would not be the case,

And {seriously} don’t forget to bring mace.

We wait in that line to get to the front,

No longer for savings, we’re in this to hunt.


Too tired and frozen our bodies are now

We’ll get our stuff, I’ll find a way how!

Fighting the crowds to get to the loot

My toes have been stepped on by some massive boot!


The people all swarmed around promoted deals

The prices of things are practically steals. 

hands and knees on the floor I meander to front

and grab what I need, letting out a loud grunt. 


Through coats and long scarves, and dirty old shoes

I crawl through the crowd, call mom with the news.

Five people back in line from cashier

I creep my way to her, she yells “are you near”


Response to the question not worth the mutter,

It would never be heard by the ears of my mother.

Instead I rise and come to a stand

Shout from my lungs “reach out your hand!”


Desperate, the item I threw in the air

Eyes close and felt the despair.

I’m known to have a lousy shot. 

Heart lifted when mom called “I’ve Got.”




From then it couldn’t be slicker,

Our cashier, bless her heart, couldn’t be quicker.

With keys I was off to the car with a dash

While Mother quickly forked over the cash,


I pulled around to the front of the store,

That item is not on our list anymore.

The packages, she threw them into the trunk,

Giggling we drove off, you’d thought we were drunk.


Delirious we were from lack of much sleep

Any moment we could have collapsed in a heap.

Shoppers high had left us ready for more,

And off we were headed to the next store. 


The boys, they met us for Santa and lunch

They asked “how’d you do?”, we replied “saved a bunch”

We would ask what you did while we earned our keep,

But we already know you enjoyed a deep sleep.


Hope you all find fabulous savings!


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