Christmas Tree 180 {Near Trashing to Dashing}

I am so delighted to be a part of the Make it Merry Blog Hop!  It’s such a priviledge to be a part of something that encompasses so many talented and creative individuals.  This is the fourth day of the hop {but, just in case you missed them: Unique Wreaths @ Truly Lovely, Door Wreaths @ Nifty Thrifty Things, and Christmas Tree Toppers @ Home Sweet Homemade}.

Yet another item that lingered dangerously close to the line of becoming trash, this tree was reconsidered and given a second chance.  There is actually a funny story behind this little tree, but if you’re in a hurry just scroll down to the bold words titled “Materials Needed” to get right to the tutorial.  Be forewarned:  this post contains a large amount of pics – more than I traditionally include in a tutorial.  But, I felt they were necessary to clarify instructions.

Story Behind the Tree

I will admit it, I apparently have some OCD tendencies.  {Ok, lots…}  The season of our first married Christmas, my parents passed down {nice for: getting rid of} all the ornaments ‘I’ had accumulated over the years.  {When I refer to ‘I’ have accumulated, I actually mean a collection acquired without my soliciting of.}  You know, all the fabulous Hallmark ornaments that come out every year for parents and grandparents alike to give to children over the years, each year typically symbolizing something significant of that time.  Getting married at age 24, multiplied by three {one from each set of grandparents plus one from my parents}, minus a few recent years which my grandparents were no longer with us = 65 ornaments, give or take.

Though I am appreciative of the thoughts behind them, my OCD tendencies over ride any sentimental values they possess.  I like to have my trees match my home decor.  I like clean lines and monochramatic color schemes.  So, a compramise was thought up and thus the birth of the “Grandma Tree.”  A little Charlie Brown like tree which had no base.  My father rigged up a couple boards for a stand, and it was adorned with all the ‘sentimental’ ornaments.  Know where it resides?  In a closet.  Except a couple times when my grandmothers paid a visit during this holiday season.  Then it was drug out into the open and placed on display.  Ruthless, heartless, uncaring…  all of which could be words you may use to describe my behavior.  None of those were my intentions.  I brought it out to make my grandmothers happy.  I put it up to make me happy.  I really felt it was a win win.  Until a few years later we had Bentley.  And now I am faced with the same daunting challenge.  But with someone who lives in the home 24/7.  And I ABSOLUTELY want to make sure his feelings do not get hurt.  I have thoughts on this, but that’s another post….  Anyways, the Grandma Tree had outlived its expectency and was no longer able to stand up – with or without help.  Which brings us to now as the tree was rescued from it’s brush with fate in a landfill.

Materials Needed:

  • Broken Small Tree, or Tree Top
  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Super Tall Ladder
  • Ornaments
  • Decorative Garland
  • Garland Greenery
  • Tree Topper
  • Scissors


Let me be upfront right now, I am absolutely positive this is NOT safe.  Pretty sure there is nothing about it that’s safe.  So if you plan to do this, please be smart about it – like not having the metal part near electricity.  {Visions of the Griswald Family Christmas cat whirl about in my mind…} 

  1. Attach ornaments to tree.  Use wire to secure them firmly to prevent the chance of one wiggling its way off a branch on shattering on who knows what.
  2. Attach decorative garland to tree.  Beginning at the tip of the tree, and working towards the base attach securely to branches with wire at various points.  Allow enough slack between points so that garland can be ‘fluffed’ and not pulled taught.  Before cutting the garland, allow ample excess.  The garland will contniue to spiral around the greenery that is not attached to the tree.
  3. Turn off power to fan and lights.
  4. If needed, remove any necessary parts that may prohibit you from hanging the tree.  I have to remove one lightbulb and glass globe. 
  5. With fan prepped, now we need to finish prepping the tree.  Very firmly attach wire to tree.  You do not want to attach it to the first row of branches, as it is highly likely that will allow the rest of the tree to slip out and come crashing down.  Attach wire to branches protruding from tree that are clearly secure and immobile. 
  6.  Run that wire along the trunk, and wrap a few times around a couple branches in the first row to help stabalize. 
  7. Now tree is ready to secure to fan.  Thread wires through available openings of fan hardware.  Double thread if able, and twist several times around itself.  Secure it like you do not want it to come crashing down, because that is your literal motivation here. 😉
  8. With greenery garland, weave it around the base of tree to camaflouge the connection and allow it to be more aesthetically pleasing.  Use the little wired greenery pieces to wrap around any surface areas available connecting back to itself and twisting.
  9. Continue decorative garland on it’s spiraling path to further visually connect the two pieces and portray them as one.  Tuck the end of the garland into the greenery to camaflouge it’s end. 
  10. To add tree topper, loosely fold top  wire of tree and slide topper on.  The bent wire should provide enough gentle tension against the topper to keep it in place.  If it is easy to manuever, readjust wire until tree topper remains firmly put.
  11.  Step back {er, down} and take a look.  Make any adjustments needed to make sure tree is hanging straight.
  12. Remove ladder, clean up mess from glitter and greenery and you are done.  {You may want to keep those fingers crossed through the season though…} 😉


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