Big News!

 I have BIG news!


I’ll give you a hint:


No… it’s not a party…..


Huh?  There’s a baby in that pic?  Ok, so getting warmer…..

Am I having a little girl?  {Debating…be nice, or not nice… Eh, close to Christmas and I don’t want coal in my stocking!}  Ok, no.  Hypothetically, yes.  In reality, no.  Confused?  Yeah, I can do that to ya. 

Let me back track a bit.  I’ve mentioned on random occasion, but I “used” to work for an interior designer.  Then, the economy tanked.  We moved into the money pit, and two and a half years later, here we are.  I wasn’t let go.  I didn’t quit.  It was simply a combination of the economy hindering enough business my assistance wasn’t needed, and our move into our current home and the looong journey that has been. 

I received a call a few nights ago from Sarah regarding some work.  No… this isn’t one of those posts where I am now currently employed full-time and will no longer be blogging.  Actually, this is quite the opposite.  I am going to bring you along with me on my journey. 

Work?  What work?  {Giggles}  It’s likely that you’ve imagined going to a ‘clients’ home and working with them to create an aesthetically pleasing interior.  Nope.  What?  I didn’t tell you?  Yep, that’s right.  I have the most amazing rock star job in the world!  When I work with Sarah, I would say 75% of the work we do are model homes.  Uh huh.  Free creative reign {within reason, of course!}.  Who are we here to design for?  Everyone and no one.  No one in the sense we were hired for that guidance, implying we have that ‘vision.’  {We?  Did I really say that?  I meant Sarah is hired for that… I just so happen to be lucky enough to be a part of that.}  And, everyone in the sense that the reason we are hired is to turn a ‘house’ into a ‘home.’  A home that people can see themselves in. 

I get paid to shop.  I get paid to do what I love!  How can the ‘perfect’ job get any better?  Mmmm.  It does – at least for me, anyways.  Know what I typically am placed in creative control over?  {Yes, here’s where those pictures maintain some relevancy.}  Kids rooms!  They are my FAVORITE!  The one home decor outlet that allows for some risks, whims, and no boundaries for the imagination. 

I’m so sorry for all the gloating.  It isn’t intended to be gloating, I’m just on a shoppers high right now.  I feel like I used to be pretty decent at kids rooms.  Know what blogging has done?  Sucked the life and creativity outta me?  Exactly the opposite.  I have learned and been inspired by so many different bloggers that I am ready to {figuratively} set the world on fire! 

So, join me.  Not just ‘tag along,’ but do this with me.  I will be posting my plans, projects, and outcomes along the way.  You can be a part of this.  Share your ideas with me, comment your thoughts of  where I am heading with the rooms, and I will also be conducting polls so you can vote.  I encourage you to actively participate along the way.  After all, I regard all of you to be some of the most creative minds I have been blessed to cross paths with. 



All that help regarding one lone model home.  I don’t think so!  I have a theoretical little girls room, baby girl nursery, and Jack and Jill bath.  These need to be complete by December 9th {like a week!}.  But then there will be two more model homes we will  be working on for the Spring Homes Tour plus another{ish}.  {The ‘ish’ part will make sense in future posts.}

Ahhh!  Those pictures!  Before you go, let me tell you what those pictures are for!  Picture 1: plan to utilize those pom poms above the crib in the nursery.  Picture 2: I have a spin-off on that wall stripe for the nursery.  Picture 3:  The green, turquoise, and pink are the colors I intend to use.  Far more pics, and detailed info to come!

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