The Pulse of Mixed Media Submission

Following the internets rabbit hole I somehow found myself on The Altered Page.  I’m not sure whether I was ignorantly optimistic during a creative high, delirious from perusing the internet in the wee hours of the morning, or simply plain outright oblivious when I saw this button:

Fixated on the xxx, I clicked with curiosity.  {Never mind the “open call for artists” written directly above it…}  Having just published his first book The Pulse of Mixed Media, Seth has called any and all mixed media artists to get involved to create some online component of the book.  {And let me wander to left field for a moment to say that this blog is unlike any other in its capabilities to include its readers – it truly does create a sense of community and belonging.}  Seths request:

“So I invite all of you (…yes that means you…and definitely YOU…and you as well even though you are already a contributing artist…) to be a part of the book.”

{See what I mean about that whole inclusion thing?}  Eh, well – it worked on me.  I got suck{er}ed in.  If I wasn’t had with that statement, it was a sure thing with twists #2 and #3.

Twist #2: no jury.  {So you’re sayin I have a chance…}

Twist #3: submissions my snail mail.  {That rocks!  One, I think it’s under rated.  Two I can submit in a way that will reflect my personality – something online limits immensely.}

So, what the heck?  With concept in mind, I’m invested.  And this is what will be received:


So what now?  I dunno.  Nothing I guess.  But, should it make it to the online collaboration you better believe you’re gonna hear about it!  See more images here.

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