DIY Art: Herringbone Canvas

Wanna know a secret?  {But, you have to promise not to tell!}  This piece happened by nothing more than pure misunderstanding.  {Shhh!  Not knowing that – you may have thought I had a creative mind!} 

You see, I pinned this:

I thought it was a painting repurposed by taping it off in a herringbone pattern, and adding another layer of paint.  Come to find out this artwork is actually a digital print.  Some of the artwork begin as paintings, which Nancy Ramirez digitally alters the images into fantastic art that’s easy to fall in love with. 

I learned this after I had completed my version:

That’s ok.  It’s my favorite contribution to the model home. 

Want one?  It’s super easy!  So easy I’m going to give the most informal tutorial ever!

  1. Use, find, or get an old piece of canvas art to repurpose.
  2. Sand the entire surface area, wipe clean with damp cloth. 
  3. Coat with primer. 
  4. As you’re in the midst of other miscellaneous painting jobs, use them to help create your art.  Each time you are finished with your brush, roller, or even paint tray apply it to the canvas.  With your brush or roller, discharge any remaining paint onto canvas.  I use long vertical strokes, but this can be done in any fashion you choose.  When you have paint, glaze, or color wash you are completely done with and have just a tad left – yep.  You guessed it.  Dump it, sling it, add it however you want to the canvas.  Let it puddle, or lay as it falls.  It will ultimately provide character to the piece. 
    • *If you are ridding the last remaining bit of paint you may want to allow quite a bit of dry time.
  5. Once the piece takes on an appearance you are happy with, grab a seat and summon your patience. 
    • With painters tape, string, and scissors start taping off the pattern onto the canvas.   You are lining a corner of the tape up with the string, not using the string to mark a center line. 
    • *{Big} Hint:  If you have a large cutting matt which displays square inch measurements you are in luck!  Place tape on cutting matt as straight as you’re capable of.  Cover the entire surface area of the cutting matt with parallel strips nearly touching each other.  With a ruler and craft knife cut strips into uniform 2 inch strips.  Use cut strips to create the herringbone pattern. 
    • Ok, really quick difference between Herringbone and Chevron? Wonderful drawing illustrated the difference here.  Use this as a guide to create your tape pattern. 
  6. Once the canvas is completely covered with tape, remove some pieces at random.
  7. Apply a coat of paint to taped off canvas. Allow to dry thoroughly!
  8. Very carefully remove tape from canvas.
  9. Hang and enjoy!

Now, go save some old artwork and breath new life into it!  {Who doesn’t love a good makeover?}




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