Tuesday Trials and Tribulations: Mom

Live and learn.  Story of my life!  If you learn from your mistakes, why am I  not a genious by this point?  Here are the lessons learned on this book:

  1. Circled by the #1’s are areas where the legs of M’s neighbor up to a side of the O.  I am thinking that folding 2-3 pages between letters into a point would help visually seperate the letters helping them become more easily legible.
  2. Areas circled by the #2’s show the small gap between the feet of the M’s and bottom of the O.  By adding the above mentioned point folds vertically centered, theoretically that small gap should then continue upward between the letters.

Hung jury on these two ‘alterations’:

  1. Since the first book I folded pages in a  ‘free hand’ manner I concluded in my mind that more folded pages to create a letter must make it more legible.  Gotta say, verdict is still out on that one.  I will continue this with some tweaks along the way to see if the visibility of individual letters can be intensified.
  2. The book used was fairly small, but due to it’s size it had a wide range of usable folding space.  I highly contemplate whether the ratio of folded space to overall vertical length of the pages plays a difference.  My gut is claiming smaller folding space to overall page length will create more visibility.  Only time {and experimenting} will tell.

More images of this book can be seen here.




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