DIY Art: Sparkle Quote Canvas

 I love the idea of recycling, upcycling, and updating things.  It’s green, and saves green.  Win/win, right?  Here’s another project reusing an item which otherwise may remaincast aside in a warehouse somewhere.  But…  that doesn’t mean that I did not feel guilt.  I did.  To cover up someone elses work seems a bit…. well, wrong.  Reproduction print, reproduction.  Repeating thse words until the canvas is painted white turning it back into a blank slate actually helps.

Without further rambling, the art was transformed from:


 About $13.21, depending on what items you have on hand.  $13.21 is what it cost me to make it, so that’s where that random number came from. 😉



Time to Complete:

 3-4 Hours – not all of which are active.  Much of it will be dry time.

Materials Needed:

  • Primer {$5.96}
  • White Paint {$10 per Quart}
  • Golden Open Acrylic Iridescent Silver {#7487} {$5}
  • Small Wooden Letters {$3.99}
  • Large Wooden Letters {$.99 Each}
  • Mod Podge {$4.99}
  • Silver Glitter {$2.60}
  • Rhinestones {$2.99}
  • Large Paint Brush {2 inches or so}
  • Small Artist Brush

How To:

  1.  Spray canvas with primer, and allow to dry.
  2. Paint canvas white to ensure complete coverage of previous image and allow to dry.
  3. Mix silver paint with a small amount of water.  Don’t over thin, just add enough to achieve a smooth application.
    • Tip: This paint is a bit tricky to apply evenly.  This will help your paint go further and apply more evenly.
  4. Apply paint to canvas using smooth even strokes, not forgetting to paint edges too.  Allow to dry.
  5. Apply silver paint to wooden letters, making sure to get all the nooks and crannys on the sides.
  6. Repeat step __ until canvas appears evenly coated – about four coats.
  7. Apply Mod Podge liberally to front and sides of a large wooden letter, and submerge in glitter.  Lay on flat surface to dry.  Repeat with all the large wood letters.
  8. Once canvas and all letters are dry, calculate even spacing of letters for placement on canvas.
  9. Using a level as a guide, apply Mod Podge to backs of letters and gently place onto canvas in appropriate place.  Continue process until all letters have been adhered to canvas.  Allow to dry.
    • Tip: Letter spacing and placement can be determined by flaws on the canvas in which you would like to camaflouge – such as indentations caused by laying picture frames on top of your canvas and forgetting to move them. 😉
  10. Arrange rhinestones on canvas into aesthetic pattern.
  11. Pick up one rhinestone at a time, apply small dot of Mod Podge and return rhinestone to canvas.  Repeat process for each rhinestone, and allow to dry. 
    • Tip: Rhinestones can also be strategically placed to conceal blemishes on canvas caused by little six year old elbows.  😉
  12.  Your canvas is now complete!  Hang on wall and enjoy.



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