Nursery Tour

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Welcome, come on in!

Along the right wall as you enter…

Looking to the left…

Crib is centered on the back wall… 

On the left wall is the door to the closet, and the nursery’s vanity area.

Bringing our nursery tour to an end… 

Thanks for having a look! 

Have you seen the adjoining bathroom or girls room?



Room shown was located in home utilizing the Knollbrooke II floorplan. 

Recently that home has sold, and the decor has relocated.   The newest model this ‘room’ is in is located at 1320 Kenwood Drive in Dalton’s Ridge and was on the Spring Parade of Homes, and was built according to the Sedona II floorplan. 

Both homes were built by Sallee Homes, and decorated by Interiors by Sarah {through which I was contracted to do this room! :) }. 

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