Planning the Girls Bedroom

‘Artists block’ is something I don’t think I’ll ever suffer {cursing myself writing that for sure!}.

There are two principles that guide me through anything purchased or planned (and yes, that applies well beyond the parameters of decorating!}:

The ‘aha!’ moment: based on the ‘know it when you see it’ concept, difference being in emotions experienced.  The ‘aha’ moment will fill your body with excitement, enthusiasm, and passion the moment your brain interprets what your eyes just laid upon.

Established residence: an item or idea that grabs your attention in a store, yet after brief contemplation it is left behind.  Or, so you thought…  Later that day, week, or month you mind keeps returning to it.  Subtle and sneaky!  If an idea resides with you for a few days, concede.  Buy it or follow that plan.  It’s already a permanent resident!

Following the first principle, this is my inspiration for decorating the girls bedroom:


Will I be able to duplicate this? Uh, no.  That’s not my intention.  Time, resources, and budget are all factored in here.  However, it will be used as a compass to guide me through the decorating process in efforts to achieve a similar ‘feel.’

Moving on.  Feeling a bit like Little Red Riding Hood when I saw this room, all I could think was ‘my, what tall ceilings you have!’

Being that it’s a model home, I wanted to immediately draw attention to this architectural element.

Determined to highlight the tall ceiling, and armed with inspiration here’s the outcome and reasoning behind it:

The first thing that grabbed my heart in the inspiration pic was the large stripes on the wall.  Knowing this particular model would be moved into a more permanent residence in a few months, I knew painting stripes on the wall was not a viable option.  I created large canvases to bring a lot of color to the walls, yet portable to move in the near future.

Serving a dual purpose, these canvases were also intended to bring attention to that high ceiling.  {They’re 8 feet tall!}

Yes, I know – there are no stripes on the canvases even though I loved them so much.  But, the bedding I found was reversible and in those colors!  One simple fold of the quiltlet and now you have two stripes {a reach, I know – but two merits plural stripes}.

The bedding in the inspiration was boasting with pink.  Honestly, pink is over done in girls rooms {and that is an under statement!}.  Painting the bed a bright pink allowed for one large ‘pop’ of pink, without feeling like you’ve walked into a bottle of pepto bismol.

And, both beds are the same style: sleigh.

And there you have it.  Yes, some of those connections may have come a bit from left field.  But, it works. :)






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