DIY ART: Pug Print


  • Picture Frame to Upcycle
  • High Density Foam Roller{s} – 1 or 2
  • High Density Foam Frame
  • Medium – Large Artist Brush {Small Paint Brush}
  • Primer Spray Paint in White
  • FolkArt Metallics in Peridot
  • Sherwin Williams Divine White 6105
  • Computer
  • Pug Print – or Preferred Image {Ok, I honestly don’t even know how I stumbled across this cute little pug pic.  I wanna say it was Pinterest with a link that lead to Flicker or something.  In my defense, I did attempt a search for it’s orgin.  No luck.  Not sure if it was due to attempting it in the wee hours of the morning or what…}
  • Printer and High Gloss Paper {Optional} or Order at Local Print Center
  • Sandpaper {220 grit would provide a nice finish}
  • Soap and Water

How To:

  1. Disassemble picture frame.  Use a flat head screw driver to pry tabs back and remove frame back, picture, and glass.
  2. Sand frame well to create a surface for paint to adhere to.
  3. Wipe frame clean of dust.
  4. Spray frame with coat of primer and allow to dry.
  5. With brush, apply Peridot paint to frame.  Use slightly damp foam roller to remove brush stroaks, and excess paint from crevices.
    • Tip: Since FolkArt paint comes in 2 oz. bottles, using a brush to apply before rolling will save a lot of paint from being soaked into the foam.
    • Tip: Slightly damp roller will help prevent roller from removing too much paint.
  6. Allow to dry.
  7. While paint on frame dries, paint matt.  If using same brush and roller, clean thoroughly with soap and water.
  8. Apply Divine White paint to matt.  Use damp foam roller to smooth.
  9. Allow to dry.
  10. Repeat steps 5-9 until desired finish is achieved.  {If using FolkArt Metallic Peridot, it will most likely take 3 coats for the frame.}
  11. Hang frame in its new home. :)

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